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GMI-TWEEZERS - Professional Cuticle Remover

GMI-TWEEZERS - Professional Cuticle Remover

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Cuticle Pusher And Cuticle Trimmer - Manicure Tool Cuticle Nippers - Stainless Steel Durable Cuticle Cutter For Finger And Nail - Instant Cuticle Kit

  • Cuticle Cutter Set: Introducing our Cuticle Cutters. Including a Cutter and Cuticle Pusher. The Pusher has a Sharp and a Smooth edge for precise pushing of the Cuticle outside the nail bed.
  • Premium Stainless Steel: Our Cuticle Nipper is made from stainless steel for lasting durability. Cuticle pusher tool is a great tool for removing cuticles. This metal cuticle remover tool kit is perfect for professional and home use. It comes with everything you need to get started, and is perfect for both small and large pieces of metal.

  • Precise and Anti-Slip: The surface of the Nail Cuticle trimmer and pusher are made as such so they don't slip off the hands while working. They have special designs carved into the body that provide precise and strong grip to the user
  • Effective Jaw Design with Built-in Spring: GMI Tweezers Cuticle Remover tool has a special Jaw design which allows the user a strong grip. The built-in spring makes it more durable and flexible while using and won't fall off while removing the cuticle from the nailbed.
  • Easy To Clean: These cuticle clippers for nails are easy to clean, Especially of these nippers nail cuticle professional smooth surface. They are also ideal for those who want to keep their nails clean and tidy. To clean the surface of something with alcohol, first wet the cloth and then use it to wipe the surface of the object. Do not be afraid to lubricate the joint occasionally to make it work smoothly.

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